5 April 2010

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Our new prospectus for admission 2010 Fall and admission form can be downloaded at http://ciae.asia.edu.tw/AdmissionsApply.html now. The message has been announced as well at http://ciae.asia.edu.tw. The application deadline is on the end of May. The required materials for admission application are as follows:
1. Two application forms attached with a 2-inch recent photo.
2. One copy of the highest-level diploma (enclosed with a Chinese or an English translation of the diploma).
3. One official transcript (in English or Chinese) from the school you have attended.
4. Two letters of recommendation.
5. One study plan
6. One health certificate issued within the last six months (attached HIV certification).
7. One copy of passport.
8. An original bank statement issued within six months clearly stating a balance.
9. The receipt of application fee US$20.
10. English or Chinese proficiency certificate
Asia University offers degree programs conducted in either English or Chinese.
Applicants selecting programs taught in Chinese must submit Chinese proficiency certificate; whereas English proficiency certificate must be provided if applicants select programs taught in English. Language proficiency is necessary to demonstrate adequate listening, reading, speaking, and writing ability at a certain level for university academic pursuit.
A minimum score of paper-based TOEFL 450 or equivalent is required; whereas HSK Level 6 or equivalent is the minimum level in Chinese proficiency. An exemption for English proficiency certificate may be granted if applicants have earned a diploma or degree in an English-speaking country. Applicants who have received admission should submit one copy of their diploma and transcript verified (with official stamp/seal) by Taiwan Embassy, Consulate, or Taipei Economic & Culture Office (TECO) located in the country in which applicants reside.
All applicants have the opportunity to compete for scholarship, depending on the qualification of the applicant. Three categories of scholarships are as follows:
A. Full scholarship, including tuition waiver, free accommodation, and monthly stipend from TA/RA assistantship.
B. 100%Tuition waiver scholarship
C. 50%Tuition waiver scholarship
Should you have any questions regarding admission application, please see Q &A on our website or contact with me. Thank you very much!
Sincerely yours,
Jennifer Huang,
Staff Center for International Academic Exchange
Asia University
500, Lioufeng Road
Wufeng, Taichung 41354, Taiwan ROC
Phone: +886-4-23323456 ext. 6278
Fax: +886-4-23394140

ASIA UNIVERSITY (http://www.asia.edu.tw)

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