6 April 2010

Managed by the Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID), the Australian Leadership Award (ALA) Scholarships are a regionally competitive awards program designed to promote leadership within the Asia Pacific region, including Indonesia.
The program fosters existing and emerging leaders to develop their skills, knowledge and networks. The ALA Scholarship offers individuals the opportunity to study at Masters and Doctoral Level at an Australian University as well as participate in a tailored leadership development program. Applications for 2011 opened on 10 March and will close on 30 June 2010.
Set out below is information regarding the processes of applying for a 2011 Australian Leadership Awards (ALA) Scholarship. I invite you to also read the guidelines for application on the website found at www.ausaid.gov.au/scholar/ala.cfm
The Indonesia Program takes a unique approach to the ALA Scholarships program, calling for solicited applicants through our Whole of Government colleagues and Programs under the Development Program to Indonesia.
We are seeking your help to identify potential leaders for the ALA scholarships for 2011. Candidates nominated by team leaders are considered as solicited applicants for the ALA Scholarships process.
IDP Education International, the managing contractor for the Australia Awards programs available in Indonesia, coordinate this process on AusAID’s behalf.
Solicited applicants are eligible to undertake an AusAID funded English language test (IELTS) and to receive assistance in the submitting of an Australian university application. However it should be noted that this assistance is for the application process only. Nomination as a solicited applicant does not guarantee an interview or an award as the program is regionally competitive and merit based.
Nominations for solicited applicants must be received by IDP by Friday 9 April 2010. Contact details are provided below.
English language testing (if required)
ALA applicants to Australian universities are required to submit a current IELTS score. For solicited applicants in the 2011 application round, only 60 places are available for IELTS testing. Therefore it is preferred that nominated candidates already have proficient English language skills – demonstrated by an equivalent English language test – either the Institutional TOEFL test (a score of at least 550) or a TOEFL internet-based score (a score of at least 90).
If candidates have undertaken an IELTS test in the last two years, and obtained an overall score of 6.5 (with no band score less than 6.0) they are not required to re-sit the test. Candidates must however be able to provide an original copy of the IELTS certificate.
IELTS testing will occur at the IALF Jakarta on 24 April and at the IALF Jakarta and IALF Bali on 8 May. Candidates must register for the IELTS test at least 2 weeks prior to the test dates. IDP (as the Managing Contractor appointed by AusAID) will facilitate the testing arrangements and arrange accommodation in Jakarta or Bali for those candidates requiring overnight accommodation in these locations. Candidates will be reimbursed for travel costs and must sit the IELTS test at the testing centre nominated by IDP. (Please note that support for travel and accommodation is only provided to applicants residing outside of JABODETABEK (for the Jakarta testing centre) and outside Bali (for the Bali testing centre)).
IELTS test scores will be available from IDP approximately two weeks after the test is taken. Agencies and Programs are welcome to arrange further testing at their own cost however, results must be provided to IDP by 21 May 2010.
Solicited applicants who do not achieve the minimum English language proficiency requirements will not proceed further in the solicited applicant process.
Unconditional Letter of Offer
Candidates must obtain an unconditional letter of offer from an Australian university, which must be included in their ALA application. As this process can take 1-2 months at a minimum, please allow plenty of time to arrange applications to an Australian University. It is it is ideal that candidates have already thought about the field of study and research/thesis/doctoral topic and started to develop a proposal to the institution they wish to apply to– particularly in the case of doctoral applicants.
IDP will assist candidates to complete an application to a minimum of one Australian university for Masters or PhD study. Candidates may wish to consider applying to a second Australian university if their first application is rejected for any reason.

Supporting Documentation attached with ALA application form
In addition to the unconditional letter of offer and IELTS certificate, candidates will need to provide the following as part of their ALA application. It is recommended that applicants commence gathering this documentation early.
§ Proof of identity and citizenship: certified copy of birth certificate, passport personal information pages or other official document in original language. (If the original proof of identity and citizenship documentation is in a language other than English, please provide English translations).
§ Certified copy of degree certificate(s) in original language. (If the original degree certificate is in a language other than English, please provide English translations).
§ Certified copy of official university transcript(s) of results in original language. (If the original transcript of results is in a language other than English, please provide English translations).
§ Certified copy of evidence of academic prizes, awards and/or professional honours.
§ Referee for application’s contact details.
Submitting the ALA Application
Once candidates have received an unconditional letter of offer from an Australian university they can submit an ALA application form with the supporting documentation electronically via www.australianscholarships.gov.au or in hard copy to the ALA Office (address listed below) by 30 June 2010.
More details on the step by step process please refer below:

ALA Application steps and key dates:
Key dates
10 March 2010
ALA applications open
March-April 2010
· Develop and discuss candidate’s Australian plans study with employer, referees, potential supervisor at Australian institution;
· Obtain potential supervisor approval for PhD and Masters by research applicant (provide with formal letter or any email communication)
Applicant’s responsibility
24 April 2010 (IALF Jakarta)
8 May 2010 (IALF Jakarta and IALF Bali)
· Register and undertake IELTS test
The IELTS test center and dates will be allocated by IDP and only exceptional circumstances will be considered in testing on any further dates.
20 April- 27 May 2010
· Apply to an Australian University for an unconditional offer (include supporting documentation) .
IDP will assist candidates to complete an application to a minimum of one Australian university for Masters or PhD study.
27 May 2010
· Cut-off date for University enrolment for an unconditional offer.
1-30 June 2010
· Submit the ALA application (preferably online) including all supporting documentation
Only Solicited candidates who achieve the minimum English language proficiency requirements and hold an unconditional offer of placement are eligible to submit an ALA application.
Online application Sources:

An interview panel, convened by AusAID Indonesia, will conduct interviews for shortlisted applicants in Jakarta in August 2010 however the final decision is made by an independent, whole of government panel in Canberra.
All successful applicants will be notified by October 2010. Successful applicants must be available for departure to Australia to begin study in January or June 2011, depending on semester intake.
For further information please refer to the Australia Awards website www.australianscholarships.gov.au or contact IDP directly at:
ALA Office
Gedung Wirausaha Lantai 2
Jl. H.R. Rasuna Said Kav. C-5
Kuningan, Jakarta Selatan 12940
Tel. (021) 527 7648

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