18 Desember 2010

Bagi rekan-rekan yang ingin dan sedang belajar dunia Marketing, khususnya tentang Internet Marketing, Web Marketing, Mobile Marketing dan e-commerce, mungkin e-book dibwah ini bisa membantu.

Internet Marketing: Strategy, Implementation and Practice (3rd Edition)
Author: Dave Chaffey | Publisher: Prentice Hall (2006)| ISBN-10: 0273694057 | File type: PDF| 584 pages
A comprehensive guide to the strategy, implementation and practice of Internet Marketing.
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Mobile Marketing: Finding Your Customers No Matter Where They Are
Author: Cindy Krum | Publisher: Que | 2010-03-07 | ISBN: 0789739763 | File type: PDF | 360 pages
Topics in the book:
- Getting started fast with mobile marketing
- Understanding the international mobile marketing landscape
- Targeting and tracking the fast-changing mobile demographic
- Taking full advantage of the iPhone platform
- Leveraging mobile , promotion, and location-based marketing
- Building micro-sites and mobile applications
- Performing search engine optimization for mobile sites and applications
- Building effective mobile affiliate marketing programs
- Integrating online and offline mobile marketing
- Avoiding mobile marketing spam, viruses, and privacy violations
- Previewing the future of mobile marketing

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Web Marketing For Dummies, 2nd Edition
Jan Zimmermanc| ISBN: 978-0-470-37181-7 | Paperback 432 pages | December 2008 | File type: PDF

Part I: Getting Going with Online Marketing.
Chapter 1: Taking Your Marketing to the Web.
Chapter 2: Planning for Web Marketing.
Chapter 3: Taking the First Steps to Your Online Presence.

Part II: Building a Marketing-Effective Web Site.
Chapter 4: Producing a Successful Business Web Site.
Chapter 5: Creating a Marketing-Effective Storefront.
Chapter 6: Pulling Repeat Visitors with Onsite Marketing Techniques.

Part III: Exploring Online Marketing Basics.
Chapter 7: Mastering the Secrets of Search Engines.
Chapter 8: Marketing with Online Buzz.
Chapter 9: The Art of E-Mail Marketing.
Chapter 10: Expanding Your Web Presence.

Part IV: Spending Online Marketing Dollars.
Chapter 11: Marketing with Pay Per Click Ads.
Chapter 12: Marketing with Paid Online Advertising.
Chapter 13: Capturing Customers with New Technology.

Part V: Maximizing Your Web Success.
Chapter 14: Improving Results with Web Analytics.
Chapter 15: Staying Out of Legal Trouble.
Chapter 16: The Keys to Maintaining Your Web Presence.

Part VI: The Part of Tens.
Chapter 17: Ten Free Ways to Market Your Web Site.
Chapter 18: The Ten Most Common Mistakes of Web Marketing.
Chapter 19: Ten Tips for Tired Sites.

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Blog Marketing: The Revolutionary New Way to Increase Sales, Build Your Brand, and Get Exceptional Results
Author: Jeremy Wright | Publisher: McGraw-Hill | ISBN-10: 0071479503 | edition 2006 | 337 pages | PDF 

In Blog Marketing, leading blogging consultant Jeremy Wright explains how and why companies of all types blog and reveals strategies for effectively interacting with customers. You’ll find out how authentic feedback from customers can lead to potential new marketing strategies, innovative new product ideas, and new concepts that will completely transform your business.

Get an exclusive look at some phenomenally successful companies currently taking advantage of blogs including Microsoft, Sun Microsystems, Google, Disney, General Motors, and others, and find out how you can reap the rewards in your own organization.

Blog Marketing is filled with real-world examples of how blogging can

    - Extend company branding
    - Create positive experiences with your customers
    - Provide real feedback on your company and its products
    - Transform the way your company does business
    - Simplify a variety of project management tasks
    - Impact the bottom line

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